Persian Pomegranate Curry + Tumeric Rice Pilaf

Persian Pomegranate Curry + Tumeric Rice Pilaf

A decadent kidney bean curry stewed in a sweet + sassy pomegranate molasses with toasted ground walnut + almond, absolutely loading this dish with protein + fibre. This curry is filled with roasted beet + cauliflower and served with a turmeric infused rice pilau. Cal: 525 Pro: 22 Carb: 80 Fib: 18 Fat: 19

Sugar - Coconut, Ground Turmeric, Paprika, Salt, Black pepper, Garlic Powder, Pomegranate Spice - Ground, Cinnamon Ground, Red Cayenne Pepper - Ground, Pomegranate Molasses, Almond, Water, Walnut, Red Onion, Brown lentils, Minced Garlic, Veg Stock (Concentrate), Kidney bean - raw, dry (2.0), Olive Oil, Cauliflower, Salt, Black pepper, Ground Turmeric, Kale, Canola Oil, Zucchini, Salt, Black pepper, Lemon pepper spice, Water, Rice Basmati - raw, Salt, Black pepper, Ground Coriander, Cumin Seeds, Parsley


Nuts, Walnut