Frequently Asked Questions

Our Weekly Menu

We cook up three amazing dishes each week with our menu changing weekly, all you need to do is choose your dishes. We build our meals for everyone to enjoy, wether you are fully vegan or a meat-aholic, we guarantee you will love our meals! While moving to a more plant-based diet can seem daunting or bland, our mission is to make plants exciting, accessible, and wildly delicious.

Our Convenience

Having one of our meals on hand is like pressing the ultimate easy button. No cooking, no cleaning, no mess, simply heat + eat. Think "take-out" ... only healthier, higher quality ingredients, always on hand, more affordable and tastier (so maybe nothing like take-out after all!)

Our Meals

Our meals are designed to satisfy everyone, wether omnivore, vegan, or anything in between! We use flavours from around the world to tantalize your tastebuds and ensure that they are nutritionally balanced.

Our Ordering Options

Sometimes commitment can be a good thing. In our case, a very, very good thing. Save money on each order and unlock a whole load of awesome perks through our 'Subscribe + Save' option, or simply order 'À la carte' for a one-time, no commitment option.

Our Sunday Deliveries

Our deliveries take place between 3:00-8:00 PM on Sunday evening so that you can take on the week ahead with a fridge full of power meals!

Our Zero-Waste Approach

We took one look at the waste and packaging produced by the meal-kit and meal-prep industry and vowed to do things differently. We operate a container exchange program with our weekly deliveries to ensure that we push for a true-zero waste approach, collecting hundreds of our containers each week to be fully washed and sanitized and re-used.