Maple Glazed Neatloaf + Garlic Mash

Each week we cook up SIX wildly delicious entrées + THREE gourmet breakfast options.

Maple Glazed Neatloaf + Garlic Mash

Rich, homey, family friendly, protein-packed - we're serving up the ultimate comfort food with our classic Neat-loaf dinner. Individual Neat-loafs built from chickpea, almond + pumpkin seeds are paired with rosemary garlic mashed golden potatoes and lemon green beans. Just don't tell Granny you're eating "meatloaf" made out of plants...

Cal: 540 Pro: 20 Carb: 80 Fat: 19

Available sizes:


Yellow Potato, Canola Oil, Minced Garlic, Dried Thyme, Dried Rosemary, Salt, Black Pepper, Coconut Milk, Fresh Frozen Green Bean, Canola Oil, Minced Garlic, Lemon Juice, Salt, Lemon Pepper Spice, Parsley, Tamari Soy Sauce, Canned Chickpea, Canola Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Minced Garlic, Nutritional Yeast, Smoked Paprika, Salt, Garlic Powder, Ground Cumin, Yellow Onion, Carrots, Mushrooms, Ground Flax Seed, Almond, Pumpkin Seeds, Canned Chickpea, Tamari Soy Sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar, Maple Syrup, Ketchup

Nuts, Almond