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100% Plant-Based

Our mission is to make plants exciting, accessible, and wildly delicious!

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We do the planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. You simply get to heat, eat + enjoy!

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Free Delivery With 6+ Meals

All orders of 6+ meals include free delivery right to your doorstep every Sunday evening.

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Wildly Delicious + Nutritious

Protein packed, nutritionally balanced, and incredibly delicious meals designed to satisfy.

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Hand-pick your one-time order

Looking to build your own meal pack on a one-time basis? Perfect, we have you covered! Select however many of whichever meals in whatever size (minimum four) and you're off to the races!

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What They're Saying

Matt D.

My partner and I have been using sprout society for almost 6 months now. We looked long and hard for healthy, delicious, pre-prepared meals and tried other services. Sprout society is by far the best in terms of health content and taste. Their meals are delicious and it is so great being able to save so much time on food prep and cooking. Highly recommend!

Amy G.

Oh my goodness! These meals are absolutely delicious. Plant based, well-balanced, highly nutritious and they keep you feeling fuelled! I can’t recommend Sprout Society enough. They make lunch time, and dinner time a breeze for this busy working mom! You won’t regret ordering these crave worthy meals!!

Amelia C.

I LOVE The Sprout Society! Their meals are delicious, they offer a zero waste container swap program, and they are affordable (especially compared to buying ingredients to cook meals). I struggle with finding motivation to cook for several reasons, so ordering from the Sprout allows me to eat home cooked meals, that are nutritionally balanced. Plus what's not to love about not hurting animals! I highly recommend trying them out. As well, you can tell they do all things with love and passion! They seem very receptive to suggestions, and feedback too. All in all, a very well deserved A++++++++++

Claire C.

We really enjoy the convenience of getting ready meals delivered to the door . With work it sure helps not to have to shop and cook meals every night . The meals are also delicious and gives us the opportunity to eat more plant based food . Lots of great variety to choose from . Hi highly recommended Sprout Society

Niesz K.

Finding vegetarian, gluten-free food that's already made is often a challenge. I was super excited to find out about Sprout Society, who offer a weekly delivery service of ready-to-eat vegan meals, including several gluten free options. Another awesome thing is that they also take back their (clean!) delivery containers so that they can be reused. I placed my first order with Sprout Society in September of 2020 and I haven't missed a week!