Plant-based meals even carnivores will love

Our mission is to make it incredibly easy for you to live a healthier, happier lifestyle by using fresh, local ingredients to create meals that are 100% plant-based, nutritionally packed, zero-waste, and wildly delicious.

We hope to make plant-based eating more accessible to our entire community. There is no need to be vegan to enjoy our offerings, we design our meals to satisfy even the meatiest of eaters. High protein and packed with flavour, we ensure total satisfaction no matter what diet you follow!

The Ultimate Convenience

Here's how it works.

Choose Your Meals

Choose Your Meals

Choose between 6 new dishes each week, Subscribe + Save or One-Time order.

We Cook + Deliver

We Cook + Deliver

Our meals are prepared fresh, delivered to you every Sunday.

Ready to Eat

Ready to Eat

Our meals are ready to eat in under three minutes.

Eat, Enjoy + Repeat

Eat, Enjoy + Repeat

No cooking or cleaning, freeing you up to do more of what you love.

 Pushing for Zero-Waste 

We are blessed to live on such a beautiful and vibrant planet, we say let's keep it that way. We're very mindful of what we are putting out in the world and do our best to reduce waste as much as possible. We strive to operate as close to zero-waste as we grow as a business and want to set the standard for other food industry businesses.

In order to push towards a true zero-waste system, we operate a container swap program, which saves hundreds of containers from being one-and-done'd each week, keeping over 27,000 containers out of the landfill, recycling, and compost during our first 16 months alone!

This Week's Menu

Each week we cook SIX globally inspired dishes, with our menu changing weekly.

What They're Saying

Don't just take our word for it.

The meals are so delicious, fresh and filling. I love that they re-use the containers. Would recommend to anyone looking for healthy meals to go. Megan C. I LOVE The Sprout Society! Their meals are delicious, they offer a zero waste container swap program, and they are affordable (especially compared to buying ingredients to cook meals). I struggle with finding motivation to cook for several reasons, so ordering from the Sprout allows me to eat home cooked meals, that are nutritionally balanced. Plus what's not to love about not hurting animals! I highly recommend trying them out. As well, you can tell they do all things with love and passion! They seem very receptive to suggestions, and feedback too. All in all, a very well deserved A++

Megan C.

Delicious food made with amazing ingredients -- you can taste the love and care they put into every recipe. Highly recommend Sprout for those who are plant-based, and truly even those who aren't! The dishes I've tried are so yummy and satisfying, your whole fam will love 'em.

Samara R

Sprout is so much better than other meal or recipe services for so many reasons! The food is delicious and healthy - everyone in my family (including teen) has enjoyed the different meals we've tried, and I absolutely love that they have a zero waste container swap... none of that excess packaging you get with other services. So convenient, healthy and sustainable... highly recommend Sprout!

Sheri W.

Would definitely recommend Sprout! The meals are healthy, delicious, flavorful, convenient, balanced... what more can you want?! To top it all of they are delivered to your doorstep on a weekly basis. It's been a life saver while working from home and balancing the demands of life, while trying to eat healthy and incorporate more plant based meals into our diets. Everyone in our household enjoys the meals. They are also just lovely people to deal with which really makes it even more enjoyable.

Janet K.

Finding vegetarian, gluten-free food that's already made is often a challenge. I was super excited to find out about Sprout Society, who offer a weekly delivery service of ready-to-eat vegan meals, including several gluten free options. Another awesome thing is that they also take back their (clean!) delivery containers so that they can be reused. I placed my first order with Sprout Society in September of 2020 and I haven't missed a week!

Niesz K.